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By webmaster, Thu, 11/02/2023 - 12:01

Faculty Of Engineering And Technology Organizes Lecture Series On Appointments And Promotions

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) recently organised a very enlightening Lecture Series at the JICA Centre. This event, which serves as a bridge between the Faculty and the other members of the University community, offered valuable insights into the University's policies, with a particular focus on the "Appointments and Promotions Policy."

The highly anticipated lecture was delivered by Ing. Prof. Julius Ahiekpor and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at KsTU. The event was graced with the presence of Engr. Prof. Robert Nagre, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering who warmly welcomed the participants. Prof. Nagre emphasised the importance of the Lecture Series in fostering a strong bond between the University and the general members of the University community as well as creating awareness of the University's ongoing research activities.

During his opening remarks, Prof. Nagre underscored the main objective of the Lecture Series, which was to create an open platform for faculty members to engage in discussions about KsTU's policies, with a specific focus on the University's Appointments and Promotions Policy. This initiative was designed to enhance transparency and understanding of the criteria and procedures involved in the appointments and promotions at the level of faculty. 


Ing. Prof. Julius Ahiekpor, the keynote speaker, provided attendees with an in-depth examination of the KsTU's Appointments and Promotions Policy. He elucidated the qualifications, expectations and the timelines for faculty members seeking to progress to the rank of professor. Prof. Ahiekpor also detailed the requisite number of academic papers to be published, years of service and the path of progress through the ranks to the position of full professor. He encouraged faculty members to pay close attention to the promotion process and actively engage in it.

The lecture was moderated by Ing. Nana Linus Antonio Ofori Agyekum who reiterated that the Lecture Series would continue to be an ongoing initiative, aiming at bringing the University closer to its faculty. The event was organised both in-person and online to ensure accessibility to a wider audience.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology's Lecture Series at KsTU is a commendable initiative to promote transparency, open dialogue and community engagement. It also demonstrates the University's commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement.