Programme Description
The programme’s main objective is to produce professional engineers who will be able to analyse, design, construct and maintain Civil Engineering works and systems. At the end of the programme, the B-Tech graduate will be able to:
•    Design, and supervise the construction of Highway and Transportation structures
•    Design and supervise the construction of Steel, Concrete, RCD and Timber structures
•    Carry out Geotechnical Investigations
•    Design and supervise the construction and maintenance of Water and Sanitation systems
•    Manage Civil Engineering projects that are entrepreneurial,
•    Carry out research and link up with industry

Courses under the programme
•    Basic Drawing
•    Elementary Structures and Structural Design I
•    Principles of Surveying
•    Civil Engineering Project I
•    Civil Engineering Construction I
•    Engineering Mathematics I
•    Computer Literacy
•    Communication Skills I
•    Civil Engineering Project II
•    Drainage Engineering
•    Soil Engineering
•    Road Engineering
•    Engineering Surveying I
•    Civil Engineering Project III
•    Engineering Mathematics II
•    Computer literacy II
•    Communication Skills II
•    African Studies
•    Civil Engineering Project IV
•    Water Supply Engineering
•    Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
•    Civil Engineering Project V
•    Sanitary Engineering
•    Environmental Quality Engineering
•    Civil Engineering Drawing II
•    Civil Engineering Project VI
•    Engineering Mathematics III.
•    Civil Engineering Maintenance
•    Construction Management Studies
•    Civil Engineering Project VII
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Engineering Mathematics IV
•    Civil Engineering Project VIII
•    Numerical Analysis
•    Steel And Timber Design
•    Reinforced Concrete Design
•    Civil Engineering Quantities
•    Civil Engineering Project IX
•    Construction Accounting
•    Civil Engineering Construction II
•    Civil Engineering Project X
•    Industrial Attachment
•    Transportation Engineering
•    Highway Engineering II
•    Engineering Surveying II
•    Engineering Economy
•    Building Services
•    Foundation Engineering
•    Ground Engineering
•    Research Methods and Technical Writing
•    Civil Engineering Project XI
•    Final Project

Career Opportunities
The following are the potential career areas for B.Tech Civil Engineering graduates.

Government Agencies and Ministries such as:
•    Water Resources, Works, and Housing/*
•    Transportation
•    Roads and Highways
•    Railway, Ports and Harbour
•    Aviation
•    Natural Resources
•    Environment, Science and Technology
•    Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies
•    Educational Institutions

 Private organizations:
•    Architectural Firms
•    Hospitals
•    Banks/Insurance Companies
•    Colleges and Universities
•    Manufacturing Firms
•    Construction Firms
•    Consulting/ Engineering Firms
•    Public Utilities

Research Institutes
Graduates in B.Tech Civil Engineering can pursue postgraduate programmes in Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, etc.

Admission Requirements
To be admitted into the 4-year B.Tech Civil Engineering programme, applicants must:  
Passes (A-D) in Core English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science plus elective mathematics and two (2) of the following; Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Engineering Science and Building Construction.
Passes (A1-C6) in core English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science plus a minimum of (C6) in any three elective Mathematics and two (2) of the following: Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Engineering Science and Building Construction
Five (5) credits including English Language, Mathematics and two (2) of the following; Additional Modern Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing and Building Construction, and Two (2) GCE’A’ Level passes in Mathematics and either Physics or Chemistry.
(i) Must be 25 years old with any legitimate documentary proof which is at least five (5) years old at the time of application.
(ii) Must have two (2) years’ professional experience (A letter from employer is required)
(iii) Must pass a written examination or show proof of two (2) credit passes in English language and Mathematics in SSSCE/WASSCE or any other nationally recognized standard high school level examinations.


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