About Civil Engineering Dept

The Department of Civil Engineering currently runs two programmes, namely, a three-year HND programme and a B-Tech top-up programme, both in Civil Engineering. There is a team of rich, loyal, creative and motivated members of staff. The Department produces highly competent graduates who are  able  to excel in the aligned fields of engagement in the various industries with little or no supervision. This reinforces the contribution of the Department to the socio- economic development of the country. The Department has been using the new teaching methodology of Competency Based Training (CBT) since 2006 and as a result become a center in terms of concept, theory and application of CBT in the non-CBT Departments in the Technical University community.
The Department has been given accreditation to run a Four (4) year Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme in Civil Engineering and a Two (2) year Master of Technology (MTech) in Water and Environmental Engineering.
All the programmes in the Department are practically oriented with the aim of strengtheningandincreasingthecompetenciesofmiddle-levelconstructionstaffto meet the demand for highly qualified personnel and provide the enabling platform for the country’s growing socio-economic and manpower development challenges.
The Department is awaiting accreditation to run a four (4) year Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programme in Surveying and Geo-informatics.